The challenge was finding a structured approach to manage incidents consistently across their global locations.


A global dairy operation, with worksites across most continents, needed new and improved ways to consistently manage risk across its extensive supply chain.

First Priority was selected as its risk and incident system, with a global rollout in 2011. The organisation later migrated to RMT’s cloud offering, to ensure they were on the front foot for the latest upgrades and support services.


As one of the world’s largest dairy operations, the organisation manages all aspects of the supply chain, from the farmers through to production, transport and distribution, across its international network.

High safety standards and outcomes were critical for the business’s operations. The challenge was finding a structured approach to manage incidents consistently across their global locations.


Implemented in 2011 as a self-hosted client, First Priority (FP) became the organisations Risk and Incident management system, across all it worksites. This allowed for more consistent reporting of incidents and management of risk across all locations, and made it easier for worksites to undertake safety audits during the year.

As a self-hosted client with an outsourced IT, the organisation was using third parties without FP expertise to run upgrades and infrastructure maintenance, adding costs and complexity to version upgrades.

To make the process more seamless, and make better use of its growing data and insights in First Priority into risk and safety, the organisation undertook a migration to RMT’s SaaS in 2021.

The organisation now runs First Priority from NEXTDC data centres which are engineered and constructed to the highest global standards. As well as strong security, the migration has provided access to timely upgrades, and the reassurance of regular pen testing and structured disaster recovery planning.


  • Clear view and understanding of the specific risks across the global employee base and multiple worksites with different functions
  • Worksites undertake annual safety audits
  • Consistent reporting of any incidents across global worksites
  • Overall reduction ‘total recordable injury frequency rate’
  • Well managed software system with high-level security and disaster recovery protocols