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Success is built on calculated risks,
but first you need a good calculator.

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How We Got Here

Section 1

First Priority is one of the world ’s most advanced custom designed Risk Management Enterprise systems.

From enterprises in Australia, right through to Shanghai, First Priority is leading the way in how companies manage risk worldwide. This custom built framework is a whole of organisation risk management system ensuring that employees to the Board have the tools needed to mitigate and respond to the infinite risks to a business or organisation.

Why First Priority

Section 2

First Priority was created as a risk management software solution for enterprises to ensure that risks, failures, injuries or disease are not the first warning when things go wrong.

From control monitoring, hazard reduction and response to a robust security platform, First Priority is custom built for your business and your needs. Whether that be a multi-billion dollar defence platform or a multi-million dollar mining investment, First Priority is a client driven and custom made risk management software solution for each and every business.


Section 3

First Priority is a sophisticated, versatile business solution that can be adapted to suit almost any business scenario.

These are just a range of scenario examples to illustrate this adaptability.

  • Contractor Risk
  • Enterprise Risk
  • Event Tracking
  • Innovation & Value Creation


Section 4

First Priority consists of eight modules that operate interdependently to manage Enterprise Wide Risk.

  • Actionboards
  • Messenger
  • Event Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Template Manager
  • Library
  • Report Manager
  • Admin Manager

Professional Services

Section 5

RMT Technicians and Solutions Consultants have the expertise you need.

Our trained professionals are experts, not only with regard to deploying and implementing our own risk management solutions, but can also advise you on many other areas, including:

  • Software Implementation
  • Report Writing
Choose First Priority as your enterprise’s risk management software.
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