Designed to automatically risk profile and continuously collect and analyse multisource  data sets

Designed to automatically risk profile and continuously collect, and analyse multisource  data sets, Critical Insight’s platform architecture includes the following process layers:

  • The Threat Profiling layer that provides a risk profiled, quantified assessment for individuals, organisations and or infrastructures based upon threat factors profiled through specified threat configurations.
  • Threat Hunting – Data Aggregation and Integration Layers hunt for threat actor signals and activities and workflows (including proxy and precursor indicators) from open and private data sources using multiple machine learning – AI clustering, classification and semantic NL processing algorithms and cognitive analytic technologies to interpret, classify and categorise discussions and documents on specific topics of interest.
  • Threat Data Visualisation User Interface provides an intuitive and interactive visualisation of new, threat, the status of previous threats as they are processed. Multiple visualisations are provided from Timeline – Keyline visualisations through threat pathway, Risk Profiling, Active Case ActionBoards and Control Effectiveness frameworks.