ChemAlert eLearning packages
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ChemAlert eLearning provides a flexible and effective way to deliver training to your staff. Each eLearning module is interactive and provides the user with a practical understanding of the content. eLearning can be run as standalone modules, or be uploaded to your Learning Management System.

8 SCORM Compliant eLearning Modules

1. Quick Search

Highlights the Quick Search function in ChemAlert to access important information. Especially handy if the product name is already known.

2. Advanced Search

Users will be able to conduct an Advanced Search to view Product Details and Manufacturer SDS.

3. Product Details

This module will step users through the Product Details so that they can access important information and key reports.

4. Stock Register

At the end of this module users will be able to add products to the Stock Register.

5. Stock Holdings

Users will be able to create new sites within a business unit and add products to stock holdings.

6. Stock Reports

This module will highlight each of the ChemAlert Stock Reports and on completion users will be able to create a Stock Report.

7. Chemical Request

Upon completion, users will be able to successfully submit a Chemical Request.

8. Risk Assessments

This module details how to complete a Risk Assessment for a specific task.

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