We want to keep our world, our communities and our people safe

Scientists researching pesticides and herbicides

ChemAlert is the world’s only chemical management system which has value added analysis from our leading experts in the fields of toxicology, biochemistry, pharmacology and chemical engineering.

ChemAlert is Risk Management Technologies’ leading cloud-based database which provides clients with analysis of over 400,000 chemical products and reagents as well as full SDS management.


ChemAlert is the world's most comprehensive Chemical Safety and SDS Management System containing independent advice from qualified scientists!

Connected technology that just works
  • Up-to-date high quality Safety Data Sheets.
  • Precisely details chemical inventory.
  • Provides a comprehensive chemicals database that tracks and prioritises chemicals of concern for substitution, reduction or elimination.
  • Alerts clients to any global regulatory or compliance requirements.
  • Assesses chemical ingredients for inherent hazard characteristics.
  • Evaluates risks to people and the environment.
  • Readily enables safer substitution.
  • Avoids regulatory fines/reputational damage due to chemical mismanagement and violations.
  • Shares – automatically communicating critical risk and compliance data with clients.
  • Provides competitive advantage by quickly identifying ingredients that present significant regulatory risks.

Disruptive digital technologies that provide competitive advantage

Revealing new insights

Recent advancements in digital technology offer unprecedented levels of connectivity and granularity. ChemAlert leverages digitisation to enable clients to reduce costs, improve compliance and rapidly respond to global market changes.

Markets are demanding safer alternatives and significantly lower chemical footprints. Companies that have insights into which chemicals present the highest risk and offer chemical products with lower footprints will be best placed to capture new markets.