RMT History

Risk Management Technologies (RMT) has been in business since 1991, when it was founded by Dean Apostolou.

With his background of industrial chemistry, Dean saw an opportunity to combine scientific research with technology to help clients and industry make more informed choices by uncovering and independently verifying the chemicals they use.

Growth and Development

RMT’s first clients were in the health sector, and our flagship product ChemAlert was released in 1993.

With our client base quickly expanding to include the mining sector, in 2001 RMT partnered with BHP Billiton to develop a solution to manage their entire risk and safety portfolio. This collaboration resulted in the release of RMT’s enterprise-grade tool, First Priority, in 2003.

Over the past 30 years we have continued to innovate and improve our solutions and services. We’ve investigated and assessed more than 300,000 chemicals, modelled risk across many  high consequence industries including mining, health, aviation and military, and trained thousands of teams to improve their risk and safety processes.

RMT Today

RMT today is a leading provider of global compliance
software, with a 80-strong team serving more than
1000 clients across more than 30 countries.