RMT Announcement – update to email addresses

Over the Christmas break we will be migrating our corporate emails.

Please be aware that any @rmt.com.au or @chemalert.com email address you currently use to contact us will continue to work, and they remain a good way to contact us.  However in the new year you will see emails coming from staff using our new @rmtglobal.com email addresses.  If you have email whitelisting in place, you may need to update this to include the new email domain.

You will notice this is consistent with our website domain www.rmtglobal.com.  Further communications will be made in 2024 as we rollout new branding and fully switch over to using the new emails.

Please be aware there is a small chance that emails may bounce during the migration, whilst the DNS updates are propagating globally.  However we do not expect this to occur, and have scheduled the migration during the Christmas shutdown period as it is the lowest email activity for the year.

If you have any issues contacting us via email you can also reach us by using the contact forms or phone numbers on our website www.rmtglobal.com/contact-us