ChemAlert public training
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Our Public Training Courses are conducted in professional training facilities in CBD locations around Australia and New Zealand.

Comprehensive Training

Comprehensive User Course

Duration: 3 Days
Cost: $1490 +GST per person


Participants will get practical training in all aspects of using ChemAlert including:

  • Learning the ChemAlert navigational controls;
  • Locating Products & accessing Safety Data Sheets;
  • Generating Chemalert reports & labels;
  • Review Product Details information, including Chemical Footprint and health hazards;
  • Managing the Location Hierarchy & Stock Inventory;
  • Generating Stock reports to assist with regulatory requirements including Hazardous Chemicals and Dangerous Goods;
  • Compile & review a Chemical Request to bring a new product to site, and understanding the Request workflow;
  • Understanding the differences between a 'Simple & Obvious' and 'Detailed' risk assessment;
  • Conduct & approve a detailed risk assessment, and understanding the Risk workflow;
  • Administrative, Business Unit, and User preferences including Interest Profile management;
  • Managing Users, Groups and security permissions; and
  • Understanding Analytics and Action Boards.

Upskill Training

Upskill Training Course

Duration: 1 Day
Cost: $500 +GST per person
Designed for staff with extensive ChemAlert knowledge who need an overview of the new features.


  • Review improved stock register features;
  • Navigate through the updated Stock Module;
  • Discover new Location properties;
  • Generate new Stock Reports;
  • Review Analytics and Action Boards;
  • Set up Interest Profile notifications;
  • Locate products using new or updated tools including barcoding;
  • Review improved Product Details information, including Chemical Footprint;
  • Generate product labels and build custom labels;
  • Navigate through the updated Request workflow;
  • Work through the new and improved Risk module;
  • Understand the difference between 'Simple & Obvious' and 'Detailed' Risk Assessments;
  • Discover how to build a business specific Risk Matrix;
  • Generate a Banned Products list; and
  • Review new and updated Admin and Preference features;
Public Training Schedule
Location Course Type Date Availability
Melbourne Upskill 1st October 2019 Limited places remaining
Melbourne Comprehensive 2 - 4th October 2019 Limited places remaining
Sydney Comprehensive 8 - 10th October 2019 Places available
Sydney Upskill 11th October 2019 Places available
Perth Comprehensive 15 - 17th October 2019 Places available
Perth Upskill 18th October 2019 Places available
Auckland Comprehensive Register interest below
Hobart Comprehensive Register interest below
Canberra Comprehensive Register interest below
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