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ChemAlert public training

Courses Offered

Given the current travel restrictions surrounding Covid-19, we've created ChemAlert Webinar Training so you'll have access to a comprehensive onboarding sessions with one of our trainer.
Some time will be dedicated to Q&A. The screen will be shared to present you the platform.
Don't miss out on learning about Chemical Management with ChemAlert. Enroll now!
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Comprehensive Training

ChemAlert Webinar Training

ChemAlert Basics Overview

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: FREE


Whether you want to streamline the onboarding process as a new user or ensure you are getting the most out of ChemAlert - we recommend starting here with our Free Basics Overview Webinar: Learn how to confidently navigate and utilise the basic functions of ChemAlert to simplify the process and increase compliance.

Search, Reports & Labels

Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: $150 +GST per person


Users will be shown how to easily locate their products using the Search function, and download Safety Data Sheets to meet compliance requirements. Includes demonstration of ChemAlert's Reports & Labels module and discussion time.

Stock, Stock Reporting and Batch Reporting

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $250 +GST per person


Users will be taken through all functions of the Stock module in-depth, including maintaining a Chemical Register, updating Stock Inventories and Reporting functions to assist with regulatory requirements.

Chemical Request, Custom Products & Regulations

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $250 +GST per person


Users can utilise the Request module to complete a New Chemical Approval from within the ChemAlert interface. This includes a workflow of assessments and authorisation by various users within a company. The session will also cover the Custom Module which allows users to create their own Custom Products within ChemAlert for products such as waste or laboratory mixed chemicals.

Risk Assessment Module

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $250 +GST per person


Our comprehensive Risk Module will enable you to assess the risks associated with using a product in the context of a specific task and then analyse the controls in place to minimize the risk. With the assistance of ChemAlert, users can complete a Risk Assessment and initiate a workflow for authorisation. The session will also cover configuring the Risk Matrix to your organisation's needs.

Admin Workshop

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: Price on Request


This webinar will be tailored to your Organisational needs. Let us help you configure your Module Preferences, User Permissions & Security.

Chemical Management Training Courses

ChemAlert Introductory Course

Duration: 1 Day
Cost: $1050 +GST per person


Covers the four main modules of ChemAlert, Search, Stock, Request & Risk. Taking the user through the basics of maintaining their Stock Inventory, Requesting & approving new chemicals coming to the site, and maintaining chemical Risk Assessments.

ChemAlert Comprehensive User Course

Duration: 2 Days
Cost: $1490 +GST per person


Participants will get practical training in all aspects of using ChemAlert and its comprehensive chemical safety management features including:

  • Learning the ChemAlert navigational controls;
  • Locating Products & accessing Safety Data Sheets;
  • Generating Chemalert reports & chemical labels;
  • Review Product Details information, including Chemical Footprint and health hazards;
  • Managing the Location Hierarchy & Stock Inventory;
  • Generating Stock reports to assist with regulatory requirements including Hazardous Chemicals and Dangerous Goods;
  • Compile & review a Chemical Request to bring a new product to site, and understanding the Request workflow;
  • Understanding the differences between a 'Simple & Obvious' and 'Detailed' risk assessment;
  • Conduct & approve a detailed risk assessment, and understanding the Risk workflow;
  • Administrative, Business Unit, and User preferences including Interest Profile management;
  • Managing Users, Groups and security permissions; and
  • Understanding Analytics and Action Boards.

ChemAlert Public Training Schedule
Location Course Title Date & Time Cost
Sydney (NSW)

ChemAlert Comprehensive User Course

8th & 9th July 2021
(2 Days)

$1490 + GST

Perth (WA)

ChemAlert Comprehensive User Course

12th & 13th July 2021
(2 Days)

$1490 + GST

Melbourne (VIC)

ChemAlert Comprehensive User Course

20th & 21st July 2021
(2 Days)

$1490 + GST

Webinar ChemAlert Comprehensive Webinar Course 4 sessions
$850 + GST
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