RMT is a global leader in the provision
of Chemical Safety Management and
Enterprise Risk Management
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At the forefront of software innovation

RMT leverages cutting edge web-based technology to bring solutions to market in service of multi-national companies and complex organisations.
Committed to workplace safety for over 30 years, our global client base covers all industry sectors and is strengthened by our partnerships with a select group of leading global private and public sector companies.

At RMT, we are in the business of helping companies create a tradition of safety with systems which ensure that safety becomes and remains a critical focus in every workplace, at all times.

The Catalyst for RMT
Inspired by the experience of his father, Research Chemist Dean Apostolou set out to change industry attitudes to the safety and well-being of people in the workplace. Risk Management Technologies (RMT) was founded in 1991 to forge new online models of managing risk and performance.
With extensive international public health and management experience, Dean recognised a discrepancy in the way risk was being managed by industry. He noted that while there were ad hoc systems to manage health and safety risk, the value of the data was lost in isolated, dysfunctional silos.
Risk Management Technologies is the pinnacle in a new way of thinking that forged integrated systems to drive processes transparently up and down the organisation.
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A Tradition of Safety
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We provide a range of tools and services designed to encourage all employees to view safety as an integral part of every task, and to seek safer and more productive ways of working.
RMT has helped many companies develop and embed safer systems of work. We have joined with our clients as they have strived to create a workplace where, to quote one client “…the employee must leave work as healthy, if not healthier, than when they arrived”.
Our Clients
Governments, society, and our environments will no longer tolerate chemical mismanagement.
Risk Management Technologies is trusted by leading government, chemical, oil, gas, mining, dairy, hospitals and biotechnology organisations globally to deliver chemical legislative compliance and technologically driven efficiencies that enable organisations to manage chemicals sustainably.
We partner with each of our clients to proactively embed chemical management system to ensure they always response ever increasing requirements and demands from consumers and regulators.
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